The Rain in Spain

16 06 2012

… is completely irrelevant. The rain in White Rock however is somewhat persistent. As in “It’s persistenting it down outside”. People have started referring to Junuary, it’s been that wet.

Now call me odd (many do!), but I love the rain. Ignoring all the obvious stuff like the cheap hydro it offers us, and the cycle of life and all that gubbins, it’s such a sensuous thing to experience. I just got back from walking the chien. She looks like a drowned rat, but gives me hopeful looks every time I go near the coat rack… just in case there’s chance of a rerun. The rain makes the more normal folks stay indoors, so I get to experience the parks pretty much on my own. It’s a calming experience. The dog came to a complete halt at one corner, and I was forced to call Mrs E to ask advice. It turns out that I’d happened to arrive at a portion of the route she herself takes the dog every morning (I’d extended my walk to enjoy more of the rain and the solitude it offers, and taken a random turn.) The dog was basically refusing to deviate from the route she expects once at that point. As soon as I hit the crossing button and headed over the road she happily trotted along. It’s a pure coincidence that’s my dog is female. Just sayin’.

First-born, currently at Waterloo, was complaining of the “million degree heat” currently there. Mrs E offered no sympathy, as she herself does not enjoy the wet and cooler temperatures we’re currently experiencing. “Well, you do live in a temperate rainforest” came the over-educated but ultimately unhelpful response from across the country.

Meanwhile I was having a whale of a time. As the rains eased off, the colours seemed more vibrant. The lack of people made me aware of more of the nature I was passing. When the rain stopped altogether, the duck ponds were mirror flat, like they’d been pounded smooth by all the raindrops hitting them. Then the swallows (not sure of the airspeed velocity) came out in force. They were feasting on the mosquitoes hovering low over the water. Probably only moments old. They’re an amazing bird. Swooping and darting at breakneck speed. And now the sun is out and the concrete is steaming.

I love BC.




3 responses

17 06 2012
misfits' miscellany

You’re odd.

17 06 2012
Quieter Elephant

Coming from you, that’s a great compliment my virtual friend!

18 06 2012
misfits' miscellany

Odd and elsewhere.

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