AOL: Deciphering Flame: An Intelligence Officers Perspective

15 06 2012

Deciphering Flame: An Intelligence Officers Perspective.

I have a friend who sometimes strikes me as a little paranoid about not leaving digital fingerprints of their comings and goings. Particularly their comings. Having read this stuff… I’m feeling a little less like scoffing. As we get more concerned about leaving evidence of our digital presence, let’s not forget those more simple things the local bobby used to tell us decades ago though!

Things like when you go on holiday, cancel the milk delivery, stop the newspapers (in White Rock there are more free papers delivered than makes any financial sense whatsoever), leave your curtains ambiguously half-open. Things that stop your place screaming THERE’S NOBODY IN – HELP YOURSELF! to the more nefarious of your neighbours.

Have a great weekend! I’m hoping to take third-born for a weekend’s camping. In the rain… 🙂

(And no – the house won’t be empty in my absence!)




3 responses

15 06 2012
misfits' miscellany

Fanning the Flame? Best turn off those updates. Switch to Linux.

So there you are, you’ve been conspicuously quiet.

15 06 2012
Quieter Elephant

Did you miss me?! Aw shucks… thanks!
I’ve got a couple of major projects on at the moment. Work, Scouts, libertine lifestyle, you know how it is…

15 06 2012
misfits' miscellany

Almost right, for me it’s scout work, libertine lifestyle– which is really a euphemistic way of saying, can’t afford soap to wash my balls. You know how it is…

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