2 06 2012

These photos reminded me of my time in Taiwan. I once saw a guy on a PUSHBIKE with a full height fridge/freezer balanced precariously across the back.

Global Art Junkie

French photographer Alain Delorme is a rising star, someone to watch closely. He was selected for the prestigious West Collection, picked as one of only 7 international artists to be featured in an exhibition from an online competition that attracted 2,650 artists from 80 countries.

These images are from his Totem series about couriers in Shanghai, overloaded with stacks of goods that create a form of sculpture.  An exhibit is just ending at Galerie Cédric Bacqueville. The photos are art, not documentary, Delorme says, and were retouched to “create a feeling of strangeness.” (See interview about the series here)

Alain Delorme’s website, here.

A new exhibit of Totem runs through June in Shanghai, see here.

-All images from  alaindelorme.com

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3 06 2012
misfits' miscellany

He wins the Pushbike prize.

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