26 05 2012

Isn’t it amazing bro that we’ve both got red blood and brown shit. That sums it up really.

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NATIONAL RECONCILIATION WEEKstarts today and will go to June 3, so say hello to a Nyoongar person today!

There is a lot we Wadjelas can learn from Aboriginal culture. All it needs is an open mind and to embrace the custodians of the land.

I have been lucky to have Aboriginal people in my life. My oldest (not in age!) Aussie friend is Michelle,  an Inyibandi woman who trusted me to look after her two boys now and then. And then there are Shari and Kyle, for whom I have real paternal feelings. I miss the hockey and swimming training, the school assemblies, the fun of introducing them to German Vienna sausages and Dutch cheese. They’ve all grown up now and don’t need a babysitter anymore. Michelle’s oldest son Simon is getting married next week, while Shari is studying media at Curtin University.

As a big blackfella…

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