Trick of the Light

25 05 2012

I treated myself to a tripod the other day.

I bought one years ago, but it’s still in the UK being looked after by my dad. The cost of having it sent over was as much as just buying a new one, and with some sage advice from a most knowledgeable and delightful young lady in the camera shop I was persuaded to part with some money and invest in a zippy new Manfrotto specimen. It’s way more sophisticated than my old one and I’m very pleased with the upgrade. I was glad of the advice.

I dabbled a little with it on my birthday, deliberately taking long exposures as my daughter chatted away – just for shits and giggles you might say. But tonight… ah tonight the sun became all playful as it prepared for bed. I’ve been in a bit of an odd mood all day, and it felt good to muck about taking photos in the back garden. I’d promised myself I’d go for a run, but that eagerness faded it seems. The tripod let me use my zoom lens on the necessary exposure as dusk crept around me. I even kept my polarising filter on to let me embolden the effect. See what you think…




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