Small Milestones

25 05 2012

So way back in November 2011, I was in Brazil on a business trip. I was discussing with my colleague about my lack of focus and general disgruntlement with the world. She suggested I begin a blog, and on 13th December the Quieter Elephant was born. That’s 164 days ago apparently. Since then it’s kept true to its mandate of being, when all is said and done, the dust has settled, the cows have come home, and the clichés are all finished – quite irrelevant. I also changed jobs which helped!

According to those kind folks at WordPress and their statistics software, I have since written 341 blog entries (which is an average of more than 2 a day), garnered 996 comments (though at least half are probably my own responses to misfits’ miscellany), had 11,006 hits with a peak of 199 hits in a 24hr period, and most importantly for my ever expanding ego: have today acquired 100 followers.

Though I’m sure I’ll embarrass her by singling her out (apologies Anne), Anne Steenhuis (which I assume is Dutch for stone house – a good solid name if ever there was one) came on board to tip the scales at 100. Nothing by some measures – there are plenty of blogs out there with tens of thousands of followers. However this one remember is Quite Irrelvent!!

So – thanks for reading. I hope at least some of you are entertained at least some of the time. And if not: just remember what the blind man said when he walked into a bar…

“Bloody hell, which daft bugger left that there?!”



3 responses

26 05 2012
misfits' miscellany


26 05 2012

Congratulations! And i hope the blog is serving its purpose in providing you focus and easing your disgruntlement.

26 05 2012
Quieter Elephant

Yes, my precious

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