Happy Birthday to Me

23 05 2012

It’s been a funny old day. A few days ago, I asked my workmate and boss out for a “barley sandwich” today to help me celebrate my Geburtstag. I did however neglect to be specific – just got the agreement to come for a swift one at lunchtime. Anyway, we’ve had a senior visitor from head office in Europe, so in the end the bosses boss took a load of us out for a proper lunch at the golf club. Much better than a pint, but less intimate too.

I was pleased to get a steady trickle of birthday wishes from ex-colleagues over Skype (which actually reminds your contacts it’s your birthday – meaning the ones who DON’T say anything are the more noteworthy!) Unusually, the day was actually quite productive, and the work day finished very well when I saw a portly friend unexpectedly.

Once home, I was greeted with more comfort food than you could shake a stick at. First there was Shepherd’s Pie – except the shop had run out of potatoes (yes – really). So we had it with yams instead. A bit different, but not unpleasant. This was paired with shredded white cabbage baked with melted cheese and breadcrumbs. (The ham that’s normally in it was on holiday).

Dessert was Bread & Butter Pudding. Made with crusty Tuscany bread and loads of Sultanas.

And to finish off with – coffee cake (I felt like Mr Creosote by this stage). Second born had stencilled Happy Birthday Dad on the top in icing sugar. It looked lovely on the cake. Less lovely when spread thinly all over the table-top after the candles were out. Oh well – I’ll know for next year.




4 responses

24 05 2012
misfits' miscellany

Just a wafer…

Happy birthday, and that doesn’t mean that I wish you crappy days the rest of the year.

24 05 2012

Happy Birthday!

I notice you neglected to mention which lap of the sun you’ve just completed…I’ll assume it’s the big 21 :-).

24 05 2012
Quieter Elephant

Haha – thanks for that, though that would place my second born as VERY advanced with her cake decorating skills for a 1-2 year old 🙂
The candles give it away.

24 05 2012

Indeed the candles do always give it away. Although normally by making the cake resemble a porcupine!

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