What goes around, comes around

1 05 2012

So the other day, a very dear (well, at least “reasonably expensive”) friend sent me a link to an incredibly gifted young lady going by the name of Kawehi.

It was the first time I’d seen this technique of creating a loop and building up layers of sound as a backing track to the subsequent vocal. Plainly it’s a well established technique… I’m just old and slow to the party.

Anyway, last night – as regular readers will recall – I went to see Snow Patrol at the Orpheum in Vancouver. Excellent show. The opening act was a young chap by the name of Ed Sheeren. Now he is a very talented young lad indeed. And not only because he is from Halifax (the one in Yorkshire, not the one in Nova Scotia).

And guess what! He also used a similar device to set up loops of backing music, all live, on stage. All he used was his voice and an acoustic guitar (on which he broke strings on two occasions in his 30 minute set, he played with such passion!) With the looping tracks building up, he filled the Orpheum with a wall of sound- beats, rythm and melodies. Amazing to experience.

Wikipedia: Ed Sheeren

Not much to say about the Snow Patrol show really, except “you had to be there”! I only had my humble BlackBerry to take some low light snaps, so I’m afraid they are all I can share. There was some older Snow Patrol songs I wasn’t familiar with, but my well documented favourites of “Lifening”, “This isn’t everything you are” and “In the end, there’s nothing more to life than love is there?” from the current album Fallen Empires were definitely among the most well rendered of the evening.




2 responses

5 05 2012

Oh wow, this is so cool! It’s like a one man barbershop quartet…that is a paradox, but whatever, –that is how i would describe it.

6 05 2012
Quieter Elephant

Yes, it was amazing to see Ed Sheeren doing it live on stage. No chance to stop and rewind if you screw up.

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