Design Taxi: PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors

1 05 2012

So here’s a bit of a philosophical question for you… can there be such a thing as a new colour? Pantone believe so, and have a selection of 336 new ones to prove their point: PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors

I’ve been thinking a lot about copyright of late. How to balance the protection of someone’s work with “reasonable use”. If I wilfully copy a grand master intending to defraud some mark by passing it off as genuine, then I shouldn’t be too surprised if I end up eating jail food. If on the other hand I try to duplicate it merely as a method of improving my own painting technique… is it the same offense? What if I show my efforts to others? What if they like it and offer to buy my work?

Is it more about what we do with the copy than the actual act of copying?

And then of course, we get to the complexity of the digital world. If I take a digital photograph created by someone and change its format to create a new image of my own, is it the same item still? As a digital image specifically, it can be uniquely defined very accurately as a specific stream of bits. If I change a few, is it still the same? If I take a colour image and make it black and white, is it the same?

Yet few would complain if I took a digital photograph of say the Mona Lisa because it’s obviously not the original. It’s in a different medium. So if I took a digital image off the web and printed it, it’s no longer the same medium, and therefore “not the same”, right?!

I think this personal connundrum will keep me entertained for a while longer…




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1 05 2012
bluepearlgirl's world

Reblogged this on bluepearlgirl's world and commented:
have to re-blog anything pantone. sorry.;)

1 05 2012
Quieter Elephant

No apology necessary… but you might want to seek treatment! 🙂

1 05 2012
bluepearlgirl's world

Color Therapy?? 😉

1 05 2012
misfits' miscellany

They haven’t sorted it out yet.

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