I’m a Rambler……Postcard from Wales

22 04 2012

Now I live in BC, it’s easy to forget the hard-won rights of access that the UK now enjoys. Even 10 or so years ago, I remember farmers “accidentally” ploughing up paths over their fields to discourage hikers. The “use it or lose it” clause can eventually mean they can remove the path if it remains unused by the public.


It is the 80th anniversary of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass in the Peak District which led to the opening up of much of the British countryside to ramblers. Hundreds of people risked imprisonment to walk up the then publicly inaccessible peak of Kinder Scout.

The effects of this remarkable action are still with us today. Many battles have been won but there are still many to fight (see related articles at bottom of post).

A Success Story

The official opening of the All Wales Coastal Path on 5th May will mean Wales will have the first footpath in the world around a whole country’s coastline.

Here is why Lonely Planet made Wales its No 1 world destination for 2012:

What a wonderful thing: to walk the entire length of a country’s coastline, to  trace its every nook, cranny, cliff-face, indent and estuary. How better to  truly appreciate the shape – and soul – of a…

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4 responses

22 04 2012
misfits' miscellany

Kinder Scout sounds like a German Easter egg hunt.

22 04 2012
Quieter Elephant

Or a less mean Cub…

22 04 2012

Wow I had no idea about this tale. Thanks for enlightening me.

The story of the ‘accidental’ ploughing reminds me of the Standing Stones of Stenness on the Orkney Islands. They date from at least 3100BC. There were originally 12 of them but sadly only 4 remain. And I use the word ‘sadly’ intentionally. During the 1930s the farmer who owned the land got tired of tourists coming onto his land to see them. So he filled in the ditch which surrounded them and using his Shire horses managed to pull eight of them down before being stopped by the local villagers. In one act of blind selfishness and reckless ignorance over 5,000 years of history was destroyed. Unbelievable.

22 04 2012
Quieter Elephant

Think of me as your no-pain slimming plan. I am here to enlighten the masses and provide entertainment along the way. 🙂

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