Vancouver Sun Run

14 04 2012

So when I foolishly signed up for the Sun Run, I didn’t actually expect to have to RUN.

But now both daughters, their associated beaus and the good lady wife have signed up it looks like I’ll actually have to try hard. That and the fact my previous company paid my entrance fee! Duty bound and all that.

It’s Canada’s biggest 10km run, and has been going since 1985. (Not the same race, you understand… even I won’t take 27 years to finish!!)

I realistically signed up for the 1hr+ group it being my first time and all (wha?!), but was mortified to learn that my daughter’s less than fit boyfriend put himself in the sub-1hr group. I’m the one who actually hit the gym reasonably often (well more than once anyway), not him! Now, as we say in masculine parlance: “it’s on!” Instead of merely concentrating on not finishing up in a vehicle with blue flashing lights and sucking on an oxygen mask, I now have to actually try and prove my alpha male superiority over the youth who’s having carnal knowledge of my first-born. (Allegedly).

As for second-born – that’s an easier challenge. She’d easily be in the sub-1hr group, except her boyfriend recently had his wisdom teeth removed and has stitches as a result (I offered to pay the doctor to remove them via his scrotum, but was turned down). Apparently the stitches could pop if he gets his blood up, and has been forbidden to run. They’ll therefore skip gaily around the course, (no doubt hand in hand) in well over an hour.

Depending on whether first-born feels she should stay with her man, or (more likely) gun it for the line, that leaves only Mrs Elephant out of the estimated 40,000 starters that I need to try and beat. Fat chance too!!

The weather looks set to be reasonable, it’ll be a grand day out, and I subsequently get to wear the T-shirt for ever more to say “I was there”. Unlike the camping at -30C, this feels like something I won’t feel the urge to repeat. (Unless there’s lots of scantily clad women, in which case all bets are off).

Wish me luck. I’ll wave, if you watch it on TV!




8 responses

14 04 2012

today ? how is it ? are you the winner ? congrats then 😀

15 04 2012
Quieter Elephant

Not the winner, but I did finish under my own steam in a not TOO shabby 1hr 7mins for a first time out.
I only had to stomp on two invalids and an elderly woman with a cat to make that time, too!

15 04 2012
misfits' miscellany

Good luck. Don’t fall over.

15 04 2012
Quieter Elephant

Yeah – too right!
Nearly 50,000 people all trying to get to the same place via the same route. Just like the M25!
Here’s a time lapse of the finish line… but I know you don’t have a lot of joy with those. BTW – I lied: I didn’t wave!

15 04 2012
misfits' miscellany

Can’t try the vid, but I’ll imagine you stumbling, dignity lost, but satisfied that you tripped up the thief of your progeny’s innocence.

16 04 2012
Andy P

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16 04 2012

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18 04 2012

Good Luck! (i can’t keep up with all your posts!)

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