Newcastle Brown VS Stella Artois

6 04 2012

I love these ad-wars things.
“Know your audience” being the key. I think quite a few Newky Brown drinkers would indeed need to look up “chalice”, whereas bollocks would be common parlance. Well played!

Another great find, Lockhaart.

AdPitch Blog

The war between BMW vs Audi seems to be over, now its Newcastle Brown ambushing a Stella Artois advert.I love the fun they have when they create these kind of advert wars. Wonder if Stella Artois will come back with something or just leave it as is.

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2 responses

6 04 2012
misfits' miscellany

Ah, there you are with nova postum.

Favourite ad war slogan from back of comic, years ago when Game Boy first came on the scene. There was a colour screen competitor called Lynx, and the ad read like a headline: “Lynx eats boy’s lunch.”

7 04 2012

That’s fantastic. I’m a Stella man myself but Newky Brown certainly wins the point here.

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