25 03 2012

I really liked the approach Martin Moore takes with his mailer in this posting.
He acknowledges the fact he’s operating in a buyer’s market and tries hard to present something a little more interesting to his prospective customers. That much less likely to end up in the recycling without even being opened. Kudos.
A touch of Machiavelli too: “Perception is everything”!

taking the tourist trail | Lost in Canada

25 03 2012

So, coming up to completing year 11 in Canada, with about half that as a voting full-blown (as it were) citizen, I do so love to see photos of bits beyond my own camera’s reach.

I’ve been to Montreal on business with previous companies – to Le Journal de Montreal actually. The older, European feel to the more Eastern city made me feel quite at home. Especially as I went when the weather wasn’t so cold!

Anyway, just stumbled upon this blog by Jonathan Haydock, which I heartily recommend: taking the tourist trail | Lost in Canada.

A sample of the delights you’ll find now follows – enjoy!

Lost in Canada: The all too familiar (though never disappointing) Habitat ’67.

My… what a fine pear (sic)

24 03 2012

So, as mentioned elsewhere, tonight we had a very good friend around for tea. To offer tea to that is. Cannibalism is so last season, don’t you think?

Anyway, a bit of effort was thought appropriate given the importance (to us) of our guest, so we ended up having poached pears for dessert. Now, I realise this is more than a little arrogant, but I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to dessert. It can be the perfect end to an already stimulating evening, and well worth putting a little effort into.

I’m not saying this one was good, but well, it was. Even First Born referred to it as “classy”, and she goes to university and everything! If you’ve got a few pears looking for a job, and a bottle of wine with nothing better to do… I would sincerely recommend it to them.

BBC Good Food: Poached pears in spiced red wine


BBC Good Food: Poached pears in spiced red wine – A completely fat-free pud that isn’t boring. It’s not just Good Food, it’s genius! We forgot the thyme, but it seemed more than fine without it. We topped it off with some posh French Vanilla ice-cream, and a good time was had by all. I’d love to hear from anyone else that gives it a go.


Mrs Malaprop and the Aussie birds

24 03 2012

So I recently finished reading Sheridan’s “The Rivals“. That snippet of information has only tangential relevance to anything that follows, but I did tell kathryningrid I was about to read it, and I just wanted to show I was sincere.

We just got back from walking the dog around Campbell Valley Park, and she was pretty well knackered. We had a good friend coming round for dinner, so I suggested a quick diversion to the local Murchie’s to see if they sold Russian Caravan – a favourite morning beverage – to enjoy the calm before the storm. Unfortunately they did not sell it for consumption at this branch, and it turns out that “Queen Victoria” (though smoked) was not in the same ballpark at all. Anyway, whilst walking up to the shopping centre, Mrs Elephant suddenly said I should look out for the Galahs.

Having travelled to Australia several times on business, I am familiar with these birds which fly free – rather like starlings do in the UK or crows in BC. The first time one sees them in the wild it’s a bit weird, as previously they’re strictly the things of aviaries and zoos. To see them lined up on a fence is pretty jaw-dropping.

Wikipedia: Galah

OK, so the more astute amongst you will have gathered that galahs are not in fact native to BC, and so this statement had me stopping dead and searching the trees for swooping parrots. Presumably escaped from some nearby condo. It took a few more seconds to join the dots and realise my long suffering other ‘arf was in fact referring to the broken bottle lying on the pavement ahead of us.

You see, in Yorkshire, “glass” rhymes with “ass”, whereas in the South of the UK, from whence she originally hails, “glass” rhymes instead with “arse”. Ignoring for a moment that a UK arse is the same as a North American ass, you perhaps begin to see the issue. The galahs were in fact glass. Not Dale Chihuly organic works, but a plain old vandalised bottle.

Lydia Languish would be amused…

… And by golly, it does you good!

24 03 2012

Now I’m more your bacon butty kind of person normally. Especially on a Sunday morning in a tent somewhere with a pretty view close by.

But I am reasonably adventurous food-wise, and have recently taken to eating roasted seaweed, which comes pre-packaged from the local Asian supermarket.

This though, is a more earthy Western alternative, tastes as good, and apparently is good for you. Well – you can’t have EVERYTHING!

Crunchy kale chips recipe (i.e. how to eat a bucket of kale per day)


Video: Bus bust blunder goes viral – The Globe and Mail

24 03 2012

Politicians, eh?

No sense of fun…

Video: Bus bust blunder goes viral - The Globe and Mail

There’s no such thing as BAD publicity, after all.

Video: Bus bust blunder goes viral – The Globe and Mail.

Why men can’t – and shouldn’t – stop staring at women – The Globe and Mail

24 03 2012

Why men can’t – and shouldn’t – stop staring at women – The Globe and Mail.

Ouch! Builder Alan Williams trapped for hours after nailing himself to floor – Yahoo! News UK

22 03 2012

I reckon I’d rather get screwed, myself.

Ouch! Builder Alan Williams trapped for hours after nailing himself to floor – Yahoo! News UK.

Never-before-seen photos of the Titanic Pictures – Yahoo! News UK

22 03 2012

Never-before-seen photos of the Titanic Photos | Never-before-seen photos of the Titanic Pictures – Yahoo! News UK.


Keaton Henson – “Small Hands”

22 03 2012

Excellent find by Record | Preserve | Share.
LoFi music treatment and truly awesome puppetry.