Caffeine makes mugs of hard workers, but doesn’t have an effect on slackers – Vancouver Sun

30 03 2012

Thanks to MM for reminding me of this article I read in the Vancouver Sun yesterday.

Vancouver Sun: Coffee

Caffeine makes mugs of hard workers, but doesn’t have an effect on slackers.



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31 03 2012

I’ve long been an avid tea drinker. At a previous job we had a hot drinks making machine that used little cartridges inserted for different drinks. I once got chatting to the girl who filled up the cartridges about the number the company got through each week. I was initially astounded at the number of tea cartridges we collectively consumed. It wasn’t until I walked away and did a bit of rough adding up that I realised that out of a company of 50-60 I single-handedly drank 10% of the tea.

It was at that point that I decided to cut back my caffeine intake.

31 03 2012
Quieter Elephant

I used to be a programmer in a previous life – in the UK. I reckon I consumed 10-12 cups of “machine coffee” a day easy. I used to keep the empty plastic cups as a rough measure. (Not as bad as the colleague who used to keep the empty 2L Coke bottles he consumed in between cigarettes.)
Then I moved to Canada. In Canada, instant coffee in machines is like rocking horse shit – pretty hard to come by. Odd, considering it’s a Canadian invention. Anyway, I kept to my regime… except it was now filter coffee. “Proper” coffee. After about a month I was getting stomach ulcers.
I drink a lot more tea now. Which, being a Yorkshireman, means the local reservoir often hits the low mark these days. Yup – as well as the 10-12 cups of coffee, there was ALREADY a gallon or so of tea per day.
What can I say? I crave stimulation!

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