Phoenix – Day 4

14 03 2012

I know, I know… you were just chomping on the bit wanting to know what we did on the fourth and final day of our Phoenix trip, weren’t you?

Well – we didn’t fly out until around 6pm, so we pretty much had the whole day to enjoy the suddenly much warmer weather. I reckoned it was about 28°C in new money. A marked hike in temperature from the rest of our trip. Just in the one day I got a touch of brown, so it was pretty warm. Of course – being in the desert with no hat and precious little hair didn’t help. In the end, we decided to head NW from Mesa and visited the Desert Botanical Garden, as already mentioned elsewhere.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

I really was not prepared for just how green and varied the cacti were. The gardens are very well laid out with butterfly gardens and displays of First Nation shelters and things for the kids to do like making paintbrushes out of yucca leaves. The time flew by and we easily spent four hours there. There was some pretty tame wildlife around too, and I saw a ground squirrel as well as a wannabe gila monster. OK… it was really just a little gecko thing, but it had dreams, man, dreams! As in the logo, the flower spikes on the agave could be huge. Some were easily 10′ or 15′ tall. Some of the cacti had really interesting names like “octopus cactus” or “hedgehog cactus”, but some looked really creepy, like they were really animals that were just playing “statues” until the people went away and they could slither off again.




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15 03 2012

Very succulent.

15 03 2012
Quieter Elephant

I wouldn’t want to. Suck them, that is.

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