Urban Snowboarding looks like a great way to get some new scars (Video) « theCHIVE

23 02 2012

At least one of the Hydro boxes looks like it’s a BC one (green). Not sure some of it’s not Quebec though…

Go the ƒμ©κ to Sleep!

22 02 2012

A close friend brought this book to my attention recently. Yes – it’s a real book you can buy on Amazon.

Here’s “the musical” – with Samuel L. Jackson looking dapper and smooth.

Found on theChive. Yes – it’s rude, but all parents will sympathise.


Yosemite HD – Vimeo

20 02 2012

Ever wake up and wonder what it’s all about? Why we bother? What the point of it all is?

Watch these amazing pieces of time-lapse from Yosemite and perhaps you’ll find an answer…

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

Natural Order of Things

20 02 2012

I’m no dancer, but I can relate…

Thoughts on Theatre

Image Source

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Do YOU always answer your cell phone when it rings?

20 02 2012

A few years old, but here’s an ad for Swedish cell provider COMVIQ, who gave reward points for every answered call.

A bit rude…

Snoqualmie Falls, WA

19 02 2012

Just over the line, in WA state. We visited Snoqualmie Falls a few years ago with some good friends from the area. I loved this photo because it really captures the raw power coursing over the falls.


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“Horsetail Fire Falls”- Yosemite National Park, CA – Nader Beheshti – Featured Photographer

19 02 2012

” ”
That’s me being speechless. A rare thing indeed, as those who know me will attest.




“Horsetail Fire Falls”- Yosemite National Park, CA – Nader Beheshti – Featured Photographer

I have a list in my head of one thousand places and things I would like to photograph and this is in the top five.  The “fire falls” is really just the sun shining on Horsetail Falls at the right angle.  The phenomenon is so rare it can only be photographed a few days in February at sunset. Nader has photographed it as good as I have ever seen it.  After you read how he captured the image (without HDR) then please stop by and enjoy his galleries. 

Here is Nader with the story:

I live in Las Vegas, and as such, I am privileged to attend the CES show in January every year. Last year, during my visit to the CES, I saw a large print of this waterfall being displayed in the CANON…

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19 02 2012

So last born is a third year Scout, and today they all had a session at the pool learning the basics of SCUBA diving. I took a shed-load of photos, but I’m sure you’re not interested in a bunch of kids not drowning. OK – one then, since you asked so nicely.

Last born: Not drowning

Last born: Not drowning

To try and stave off boredom for the rest of the three hour session, I mucked about with my new 300mm lens again. Surprisingly, people don’t seem to mind you taking photos in the public swimming pool, despite lots of barely clad folk ambling about. I tried using long exposures to get smoothing effects in the pool water, and large aperture settings to see if I can get some bokeh. The long lens makes accurate focus a bit more challenging, but a good photographer friend recently gave me some tips and a few more came out as intended this time around. I resisted cataloguing the parade of ladies derrières and instead went for the water, the building itself and the various colourful floaty things that inhabit public pools these days.

I hope at least a couple catch your eye. They’re all “au naturel”. No PhotoShop, no flash even. Hand held. Just me, the camera, and a few billion photons.

Anything you can do…

19 02 2012

On the way back from the swimming pool today, we spotted a couple of birds hanging around.

Anything you can do…

Seagull: house-sitting

Seagull: house-sitting

I can do better…

Bald eagle: branching out

Bald eagle: branching out

Bald eagle: is this the right angle?

Bald eagle: is this the right angle?

Saskatchewan man digs out his basement with remote-controlled mini trucks and tractors | Good News – Yahoo! News

18 02 2012

OK… but tell me… WHY?!

Saskatchewan man digs out his basement with remote-controlled mini trucks and tractors | Good News – Yahoo! News.