23 02 2012

Vancouver town centre has some very stylish modern buildings. It also has some surprising narrow little alleys, and many of them come complete with these rather dated wooden power platforms with oil-filled gizmos and wires. Many are decommissioned and no longer connected. I suspect many have had their copper wiring “borrowed” to feed some addiction or other. A few though are deliberately kept for the the use of the local film industry, as they provide a bit of character to programmes like Fringe or V.

This particular BlackBerry capture is from the back of The Cactus Club on the corner of Pender and Burrard.

The view from Pender

The view from Pender

Quite Interesting: Oh the delicious irony.

23 02 2012

Many thanks to Misfits’ Miscellany for pointing the QE at QI…a TV series from the UK. Started watching it tonight, and heard this little titbit originally printed in the UK’s Independent newspaper on 20 JANUARY 1993:

RECENTLY a suspicious-looking cardboard box was found outside a Territorial Army centre in Bristol, Police magazine reports. The TA called the police, who called an Army bomb disposal unit, which blew the box up – to find it full of leaflets on how to deal with suspicious-looking packages.

Absolutely Fabulous dahling!

23 02 2012

I was flicking through my daughter’s copy of Nylon (don’t ask), and I saw an ad for Alexis Bittar.

Delighted I was, to see Patsy and Edina. Looking for an online still to share with you all, I found one better… a video! And as an extra, no cost bonus… the song is by Flight of the Conchords. Their video’s here.

Sit down with some Bolly and enjoy, dahlings…

Alexis Bittar Spring 2012 Behind the Scenes from Alexis Bittar on Vimeo.

Urban Snowboarding looks like a great way to get some new scars (Video) « theCHIVE

23 02 2012

At least one of the Hydro boxes looks like it’s a BC one (green). Not sure some of it’s not Quebec though…

Go the ƒμ©κ to Sleep!

22 02 2012

A close friend brought this book to my attention recently. Yes – it’s a real book you can buy on Amazon.

Here’s “the musical” – with Samuel L. Jackson looking dapper and smooth.

Found on theChive. Yes – it’s rude, but all parents will sympathise.


Yosemite HD – Vimeo

20 02 2012

Ever wake up and wonder what it’s all about? Why we bother? What the point of it all is?

Watch these amazing pieces of time-lapse from Yosemite and perhaps you’ll find an answer…

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

Natural Order of Things

20 02 2012

I’m no dancer, but I can relate…

Thoughts on Theatre

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