OK – who pulled the plug out?

15 02 2012

Today, they’d drained one of our local duck ponds.

The ducks (and the resident heron) seemed most confused, vying for space in the last few dribbles between banks of mud.

Drained duck pond

Drained duck pond



6 responses

16 02 2012
misfits' miscellany

Catch them while they’re confused, but I don’t know how to roast a heron.

16 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Same way you get your goose cooked.

16 02 2012
misfits' miscellany

Ah, yes, I’m familiar with that.

17 02 2012

Why are they draining the duck ponds?

17 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

They’re all silted up. They’re a storm catchment thing, and I guess they’re not capable of holding as much water as they need to any more.
Or the supermarket wants its shopping trolleys back. One or the other.

28 04 2012
Spring: The grace, the power and the detritus « Quieter Elephant

[…] few readers may recall come pictures I posted when our two local ponds were being drained. That was back in February. Progress is being made, and one of the ponds has been refilled. […]

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