Nirvana: Smells like tea spirit

12 02 2012

Some readers may recall mention of my not too distant (temporally) trip to Brazil. I think I forgot to mention though my introduction to a soft drink containing the delicious Guaraná berries. It went by the rather grand name of Antarctica brand, and was delicious to the last drop. A little reminiscent of Vimto for those in the know. It’s very Brazilian, and though Coke brand their own variation with more than twice the added sugar, it’s a poor imitation.

Guaraná Antarctica

Guaraná Antarctica

Having left the environs of Blighty some 11 years ago, I was therefore all the more PO’d to learn that Tesco is one of the few non-Brazilian chains to carry this drink. Wikipedia claim it’s available in Canada now, so I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for the distinctive green cans/bottles, but thus far, there seemed little chance of tasting the fine flavours until a possible return trip to sunny Brazil. Then, quite by chance, I was in the local corner store looking for some mint imperials(a little luxury I sometimes afford myself if I’ve been well-behaved. I don’t get them often as you can imagine, and I’d cheated even on this occasion when I wasn’t looking).

Wikipedia: Mint Imperials

Wikipedia: Mint Imperials

The store had a promotion on for a brand of herbal teas I was unfamiliar with: Four O’clock. Experts of course will recognise this as “tea time” (along with one, two, three o’clock rock, and any other time there’s a warm enough kettle within reach.) I think they’re based in Quebec. I could be wrong. It sometimes happens. 😉

Four O'clock: Nirvana tea

Four O'clock: Nirvana tea

Anyway, one of the products, going by the name of Nirvana contains not only guaraná, but also mate for good measure. Both these plants are supposedly high in natural caffeine (my favourite “i after e even with no leading c” word!)

Wikipedia: Mate in a traditional calabash gourd

Wikipedia: Mate in a traditional calabash gourd

It’s only made with the extract of guaraná, which is a bit like mechanically separated meat, but for plants. Could be anything! Still, it’s quite tasty and remember, above all: it was on special offer!



2 responses

12 02 2012
misfits' miscellany

Fuck Mint Imperials. Fisherman’s Friends rock. And where the hell can I get good opium? I ask for it but the staff as Tesco keeping giving me phone numbers for help centres and patronizing advice.

12 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Fishermen’s Friends are indeed a regular staple – though I don’t like those nancy ones with lemon and whatnot.
No – they should stick to the original “sock” recipe in my view.

As for opiates in the supermarket… you, my friend, need to consider moving to Vancouver! Or possibly Amsterdam.

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