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9 02 2012

I don’t actually live IN Vancouver. I work there (sometimes), and commute 90 minutes each way on public transit. It’s a very diverse town though. Culturally, and weatherwise.

When it’s sunny, it can be very sunny. I took this BlackBerry snap from one of my favourite coffee spots one lunchtime. The coffee’s pretty “meh”, but it’s a wonderful people-watching location. I was just taken by all the bold (crossed) lines, reflections, tints, and the lovely blue sky outside.

A sunny day from Blenz

A sunny day from Blenz

Last night, the rain visited. It’s a frequent visitor to Vancouver. I find it welcome and cleansing. Many find it less so. This BlackBerry snap was of a skateboard-proofing rail on a marble wall. I liked the way the rain was pooling into drops, and the reflections.

Pole: Slippery when wet

Pole: Slippery when wet




8 responses

9 02 2012

Tres belle.

9 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Merci beaucoup!

9 02 2012

love love love Vancouver and BC…
love your pics.
Please post some open spaces of BC…

9 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Oo! I’ve never had requests before!
A challenge… I like those.

10 02 2012

I second that challenge!

9 02 2012
misfits' miscellany

Those skaters get a bad rap, dude.

9 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Like, man, what are you sayin’, like, y’know?

16 09 2012
BC Landscape « Quieter Elephant

[…] I was challenged a few months ago by barbaraelka and kalyrical to post some photos of the wide open spaces of […]

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