Un petit quelque chose

5 02 2012

So, if you read the last couple of posts, you’ll be aware I’ve been looking through a box of old postcards and photos. Whilst there, I came across this little morsel. I thought I’d share:



A bit more fluid than Monet’s more famous pictures, such as “Waterlilies”, non?

Wikipedia: Monet - Waterlilies

Wikipedia: Monet - Waterlilies

Actually, there’s a damned good reason: it’s just me mucking about with a photo I found of our family trip there when second born was barely a toddler. So, say ~1997. Pre-digital (though post-paintbrush!), here’s a scan of the original photo.

Giverny ~1997

Giverny ~1997

Obviously good tourist fodder, but I really do recommend a visit to Monet’s gardens at Giverny if you’re ever in the area (Upper Normandy). You actually do feel like you’re walking through his paintings, and you can go round the house too (and there’s a cup-of-tea-shop!)

More information on Wikitravel.




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