Synaesthesia: Smells like Beethoven | The Economist

4 02 2012

Using the word “note” to describe an odour may be more than just metaphor

via Synaesthesia: Smells like Beethoven | The Economist. Feb 4th 2012 | from the print edition




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4 02 2012
misfits' miscellany

As I always say, may you come in colours.

4 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Hard to tell in the dark

4 02 2012

What that has been presented in the Economist article, sounds too hokey.

Humans, instinctively, do not have a good taste, smell or musical memory. As wine-tasters will tell you, remembering 20 different smells is a formidable task and it takes enormous amount of practice to master.
Remembering music sequences isn’t any easier. Listen to five different classical music pieces and then try to distinguish them from one another two days later. You’ll find it to be incredibly difficult. The reason we can recognized our favorite tunes is that first, contemporary songs are short and simple melodies and second, we listen to them hundreds of times.

To begin with 30 people isn’t statistically significant number to make inferences. Secondly who are these 30 geniuses who can perform these two very difficult tasks? Were they randomly chosen or they were wine tester-musicians-connoisseurs. If they were, they didn’t make new association they repeated what they’ve been exposed to before. If they were not musicians and noses then they must have been musical pigs.

4 02 2012

Love hearing about this…the best I can do is taste my childhood…

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