Say what?

31 01 2012

Quieter Elephant: “So, first-born, what did you do today?” (at her University co-op placement job).

First-born: “I tested the moisture content of the various components of the cheese tortellini”.

Quieter Elephant: “—————-!” (Really, what could I say to that?!)




3 responses

1 02 2012

If you were my father you would have replied with a common “Oh that’s nice honey” in a very non-commital way. Not coming up with a quick response actually proves you were listening. Wasn’t aware that the job-description of a father included listening skills 😉

1 02 2012
Quieter Elephant

Oo! Harsh, harsh!
Let’s hope your dad’s not a lurker on these pages, shall we? Otherwise he might have something to say about your urban golfing too…

I do admit that it defeated my usually “quick rather than deep” humour reflex.

1 02 2012

See, that’s the great thing about this, I can be all tough and rebelious without actually having to sneak out of my room at night and stuff – Much less hassel

Also just for the record I should add that my father is the best pillow in the world meaning the most comfortable person to snuggle up to and fall asleep on – listening just doesn’t seem to be his strong suit.

Well actually I should say it’s more selective and admittedly to figure out which of the average 10000 words I say holds some vital importance and which doesn’t can be quite challenging

(Yeah the golfing – that really shouldn’t go viral I guess, that’s why I stored it away safely on your blog – especially b/c I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate me “borrowing” his clubs for that) 😉

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