Sign me up for that!

28 01 2012

Words are great. Especially in English, where the rules are at best loose and in skilled hands, quite irrelevant. (I’m thinking Shakespeare here, not elephants).

A trade name such as Google or Hoover, or a noun such as snowboard can become a verb with the simple addition of -ing. Awesome. Sometimes the nouns and verbs aren’t directly related. Let’s take “root” for an arbitrary example. It can be a noun as part of a plant, or in certain English-speaking countries (particularly down-under), it can be a verb meaning to have sex.

Back before I went to school (actually a good few years – in 1775), Richard Brinsley Sheridan wrote the play The Rivals and introduced us to the character of Mrs. Malaprop. She was there as the personification of malapropisms. This is where you mix up words that sound similar for comic effect (possibly accidentally). For example, “I prefer to buy orgasmic foods”. The more astute amongst the readership can already tell generally where this is going, I’m sure.

I drink tea. A lot of it. It’s an extremely calming, social drink, and offers much opportunity to discuss the best biscuits for dunking. Or the weather. Or indeed the meaning of life, the universe and everything. “Proper” tea has natural caffeine (i not before e), and tisanes broaden the general genre with some other interesting natural things that seem to go well with boiling water and have generally pleasing tastes (no – not molluscs and crustaceans, that’s a whole different food topic). And then, with a little help, I was lead to this product… “Organic Lovage Root Tea”: awesome! Sold!

Tea Haven: Organic Lovage Root Tea

Tea Haven: Organic Lovage Root Tea




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