Sadder than sad?

28 01 2012

So I’m sure most readers will admit, even if only after a few beers, that they too enjoy the secret urge to pop bubble wrap.

Never shy of taking simple pleasures a bit too far, the Japanese it seems have invented “infinite bubble wrap”.

PuchiPuchi Infinite Bubble Wrap

JapanTrends: PuchiPuchi Infinite Bubble Wrap

Yup. For real. It’s a key-chain thingy that acts and sounds like bubble wrap for ever. Well, until the batteries run out. The rest of the sorry tale can be found at:

Puchipuchi Virtual Bubble Wrap toy from Bandai Asovision




2 responses

28 01 2012

I think the last japonese key-chaine-size-battery-powerd-dissapointment I fell for was a tamagochi (sp?) and I was about 8 y.o. – so I think I’ll save myself the heartbreak and pass on this one 😉

28 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

I remember kids (and Asian adults!) messing about with those on the bus, and getting quite irate if their little virtual pet was in need of food or a poo, or something…

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