Happens to me all the time…

28 01 2012

So I take no credit for finding this video.

I was doing a “Bored now. Entertain me!” trawl through WordPress, when I came across this posting: in love with the (hot guy off the) ikea advert by ActuallyAlice.

I’m led to believe that IKEA used a shortened version of this music video from “Man Like Me” as an ad, and there’s no denying the furnishings are from that blue and yellow establishment. It took me the entire video to remember the original singer’s name… Jona Lewie was the answer, though I admit having to look up the spelling. He’s the guy with the suit and white shoes in the first room, playing keyboard in the kitchen drawer, and with the mask on the back of his head at the dodgy masquerade scene.

“Keep walking”… loved it!

I loved this video of theirs too. Turn the sound off though… and consider it a visual only thing. Just sayin’…

But if you want to see a great IKEA ad, you’ll be hard pushed to beat this one:

A warning to any untidy wannabe mothers out there… 😉




2 responses

28 01 2012

Yeah, should have headed your advice about the no sound (obviously, lately perfectly, peculiar sound indead) – Liked the visuals though – nice find

As for the mom – what hit me is that all the babies I know usually have an accustic finding device. I think I shall be heavily relying on that once my own offspring comes along (in a far uncertain future that is) 😉

28 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

You’re not alone. I find that my advice is seldom heeded until it’s too late. 🙂
And you’re right, regarding the mum. Babies come with both auditory, and in extreme cases an effluvial location mechanism.

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