Flattery gets you everywhere

27 01 2012

So I’m not big on blogging awards.

I must apologise. I live in BC, and have picked up bad verbal habits like starting sentences with “so” from some of my closest friends and drinking partners… and that has plainly spilled over into my written intercourse – no sniggering at the back there!

Not big on any awards really. I’m shy. (Stop laughing: It’s true! I can barely look people in the eye, I’m so shy.) I’ve been offered, and have declined, a few in my short blogging career. More because I don’t feel worthy than anything else, and certainly not because I mean any disrespect to the offerer. Far from it.

But this one’s a bit different. For a start it’s not the usual “take one, pass it on to x others” chain-letter type. Well a bit, I suppose. But it’s not JUST for bloggers, which is a bit more unusual (and you know how much THAT appeals). This one is about hope. I’m all for hope. Hope makes lots of things happen.

Teenage lust (I mean “love”) hopes for requition. Is that a word? Well, it should be if it isn’t. Let’s get up a petition to the OED so that it is, ready for next time I feel the urge to slip it in – Hey! I’ve told you once! If you can’t behave, you’ll have to go and find another blog. Minds in the gutter, you lot…

The oppressed hope for salvation.

Married men hope for sex.

Dogs hope for long walks. (Hey – they’re sentient too!)

Hope is a place in BC, did you know? “You’re beyond Hope” literally means you’re heading for Alberta along Highway 1… which is almost as bad as its more usual meaning (unless, dear reader, you’re from Alberta and muscle-bound, in which case that wasn’t a dig, but a mere misunderstanding, being as how I’m originally from the UK and everything. Sir.).
Nice to see the town’s web site has a link to their Scout group, by the way! Of course, it’s a little bit sad that their main claim to fame remains that Rambo was filmed there, though in order to make it more palatable to Hollywood, it mysteriously became part of the US for the duration of the movie.

Hope is also the name of one of the valiant Gloster Gladiators (no – I don’t know why it’s not spelled “Gloucester”) that bravely defended Malta from the might of the Axis forces during WWII. You can read a bit more about that little contretemps here.

Gloster Gladiator

Wikipedia: Gloster Gladiator

Anyway, this award’s called the Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award, created by Connie Wayne from Hope for Today and offered to me by Kianys of 30 Years of Growing Pains. Now Kianys is a sweetheart. Primarily because she keeps reading my blog, leaving comments and obviously offering me awards. But she also says the most disarming things. Here was her nomination for the humble old efalump:

Quieter Elephant – He’s one of the recipients that is harder to explain. Obviously his posts are highly entertaining, random, hysterical, enlightening and informative, but that alone would not be enough. What makes him special and truly deserving of this post is his eye for beauty in strangeness in this world. I believe that being able to see something beautiful and special in random everyday occurrences is inspiring.

Aw… now how could I resist? Though plainly she’s never met me!

So I didn’t!

I’m grateful that Kianys sees my posts as inspiring, and I promise to do even better from now on. At least until I forget.

As with any of these things, there are rules, but these basically boil down to “make the world a better place” and “pass it on”! So I will.

I nominate the men and women staff and volunteers of Scouts Canada, and specifically those of the Fraser Valley Council, for all the great work they do in spreading the message of Scouting in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Do a good turn every day!




4 responses

28 01 2012

So glad I remembered to put a bit of Sir Peter Ustinov’s wisdom in there to get you on course 😉 Ah, but I understand – love that you are passing them on outside the blogosphere and loved all the references to “hope” – see absolutely rightfully nominated 😀

28 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

OK, OK… don’t go get all big-headed, just because I said “yes” this time. 😛

30 01 2012
Connie Wayne

Congratulations on your acceptance of the HUG Award. I read where you have nominated others, but there are no names listed. Please post the names of your HUG Award nominees on the HUG Award Guideline Page at http://ahopefortoday.com. I would like to include them in the list of nominees that I will be posting on A Hope for Today on or before February 14, 2012. I believe I already have the name of one man who says he was nominated by you. Thanks for your help. Blessings, Connie at A Hope for Today, http://ahopefortoday.com, initiating site of the HUG Award.

30 01 2012

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