Hungry in Vancouver?

26 01 2012

Vancouver is not short of places to eat. Especially at lunchtime. Evenings are slightly tougher, with many of the downtown places making so much money from we office drones at lunchtime that they can scoff at the locals and send their staff off home to watch TV in the evenings, instead of making their offerings available. There is even a café by Coal Harbour that closes totally in Winter because they milk the Summer tourists for so much during the season that they can afford to!

Anyway, the other day I found myself in a new-to-me eatery going by the name of Nubile. Well, not really, it was actually Nuba, but I just have that kind of mind. Lebanese food. Bizarrely, the only other time I’d eaten Lebanese food was in Dubai. Also not in Lebanon. Lebanon itself remains on the “to do” list for now. Along with Haida Gwaii. Eclectic is my middle name. Live with it, I have to!

So anyway, I mention all this just to say that if you find yourself in Vancouver and stuck for inspiration of what to eat, you could do a lot worse. AND they open in the evenings. Bonus! The food was excellent. Tasty, promptly delivered by attractive, if “particular” staff, and well priced too. I had the Mjadra Pita bread thingy, which was very scrummy indeed. They let me in obviously, but the other clientèle were most interesting and fun to gaze upon while they munched their way through food and conversation in equal measure. Even the drinks were interesting, with cucumber flavoured water instead of the usual bog-standard fare, and some delicious ginger/apple or carrot/rabbit-dropping (not really, but I forget the actual ingredients) offerings.



Even the location is interesting, being below street level, and having all the pipes and ducting exposed for that “retro” feel. You’ll enjoy it.

I did.


And no – I don’t have shares…




4 responses

27 01 2012

I love Lebanese food – especially Humus (although I guess that’s just middle eastern and not specific Lebanese food).

27 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

I always get humus mixed up with that gucky stuff inside an eyeball, which I think tends to put me off. It’s also not really vegetarian, either…


27 01 2012

Will keep this in mind for the next layover – usually end up doing sushi, because it tastes better on your coast 🙂

27 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Ah yes… we do have good sushi here in “The Lower Mainland”.
For an evening meal though, try Cardero’s:

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