A wrong turn in webland

22 01 2012

I’m sure it never happens to you, dear reader. You’re far too careful with the clicks you make, the links you choose. I’m sure you always sanitise the keyboard and mouse before (and especially after) use. But we mere mortals sometimes are less careful and wander down dark alleys, cross lines and make bad choices. Sometimes the sites we frequent are not maintained well. The streets are dark, the paths a little bumpy. And sometimes the smell is a little… stale!

The architects of this grand world we dip into, “the Web”, thought of that. They realised that not everyone who creates material would be, shall we say, “circumspect”, when it comes to brushing their teeth and general maintenance. So there’s this little safety net to stop your web browser falling off the edge and leaving you morose at a crash site. Should you click on a link that is no longer honoured, the web server delivers an error to your browser. Something called “error 404”.

Usually it’s a bland, boring thing stating the facts ma’am, just the facts. That’s because it’s the default, written by a software engineer – not known for their sensitivity and inter-human relationships. I know – I was one. I got treatment and I’m better now.

Try this link for a sample: http://apache.com/junk Get my point? Tells you what you NEED to know, just not very friendly or personal.

Some are a little more playful, like the BBC’s, showing the old Play School creepy clown doll: http://www.bbc.co.uk/junk

At least you know you’re still in friendly hands, and there are other interesting things to click on to continue your Bunburying. (Why else would you have been on the BBC’s site during work hours?)

But, this dear reader takes the biscuit. Oh, not just ANY biscuit… this one takes the one at the back that the baker was hoping to take home after the shop closes. This is the biscuit with the extra icing and the sprinkles. Enjoy the wrong turn, my friend. And put on your dancing shoes. It was a gift to me, and I like to share…



Translation of the page:

Sign on the left: “ATTENTION! Looking for work”. Yellow sign on the right: “Rest area”
Text underneath: Джага (dance type?) Apartments (renovated) nicely.ru
You are here for a reason. Forget about work and dance with Moldovan migrant workers.
P.S. Not a single migrant worker was hurt when making this video.




4 responses

22 01 2012

And it’s got it’s own soundtrack to boot – assuming you don’t mind what you are listening to as long as there is some kind of background noise you could give your i-pod (do people still use those?) a rest and just enjoy those – err- lively tunes 😉

22 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Now don’t be mean 🙂 … how many wrong turns in the real world try and be so accommodating?!

22 01 2012

Yeah – you’ve got a point there – my apologies 🙂

22 01 2012

Thank you!!!

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