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17 01 2012

On my recent trip to Brazil, I was delighted to see a type of statuette that was popular there. Basically it’s a bust of a coloured woman, brightly dressed. These are left in an open window, and cause passers-by to do a double take as your mind is tricked by your peripheral vision into thinking there’s someone in the window watching you.

Statuettes: Ouro Preto - Brazil

Statuettes: Ouro Preto - Brazil

This article explains a little about how the brain processes what it THINKS are human faces: How the brain spots faces | Digg Technology.




5 responses

18 01 2012

Cool image.

18 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Why thank-you!
It rained almost constantly that day, but the light was good. Did you check out the other Ouro Preto photos?

18 01 2012

This is very cool! Do you think I could pop one of those on my desk and take a week (or a year) off? – If so, I’d consider the purchase of one a worty investment 😉

18 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

I’m sure you’d get away with it a lot more readily than I!
They’d notice the rise in output, if I tried it, for one thing…

17 08 2012
Let’s face it « Quieter Elephant

[…] quite some time ago, I brought to your attention a Digg article about how we’re programmed to quickly recognise human faces, and how this sometimes tricks us […]

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