Australian Mining

15 01 2012

The Australian economy depends to a large extent on its mining industry and its rich resources. There are those however who take issue with the bloody great holes that get dug to make that a reality, and the massive amount of water that is needed, in a land where it’s scarce.

This is a funny counter-ad, but with a serious message.

Check out the rest of the videos at This is the Real Story.



2 responses

17 01 2012

Don’t know where overseas he is going to go! Tar Sands in Canada, fracking in America….water scarcity in many of the worlds countries…. good luck fella!

Nice post 🙂

17 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

So the tar sands are in Alberta (next door), and we’ve sold them all to China anyway, but believe me – BC is NOT running out of water any time soon! (Except we’re obliged by NAFTA to sell it to our Southern neighbours if they ask for it). Being originally from Yorkshire, the rain here on the Pacific NW coast was a big attraction… (Yes – I am a bit odd. Haven’t you been reading?!)

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