Beautiful people do not just happen (via Redamancy Lit)

10 01 2012

Drop on over to Redamancy Lit to read a beautiful quote from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:  The most beautiful …




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11 01 2012

When I was rummaging flickr for some pictures for my project, I came across some of the most beautiful portraits. None of the people dispicted would ever grace a runway in NY, Milan, Paris or wherever else. Most of them had been living on the streets for years, survived the after math of wars, lived with the insecurities of where their next meal would come from or how to get medication for themselves and their loved ones (and I don’t mean just afford it, I mean actually attain it).

It’s crazy how our sense of beauty is somewhat distorted. I mean , I’m not going to deny the striking beauty of Miranda Kerr and others, it’s just that it’s not as limited as we (well at least I) perceive it to be sometimes.

Loved the quote! Truly! -Thanks for sharing 🙂

11 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Thanks. It made me stop and think too, about what true beauty is.

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