In the end, there’s nothing more to life than love is there?

8 01 2012

So I had a scouty meeting this afternoon in Lonsdale Quay, on the North Shore in Vancouver. Never been there before. Quite photogenic – the place, the views, the people. Like a baby Granville Island. I have just acquired a new zoom lens for my camera and was eager to try it out. There were one or two particularly photogenic people in the market, but my English-born shyness (and fear for my subsequent personal safety) prevented me from capturing their pixels for posterity. But more of this later…

I live an hour or so out of Vancouver and set off in plenty of time for the meeting. A mile or so out from home, I thought it’d be nice to listen to some new music I’ve just come by from a friend, currently on my MP3 player. Not wanting to drive inattentively, I pulled over and started to look for the cable we keep in the glove compartment (referred to by the kids since toddlerhood as “glove department”). After a cursory search, I decided it would be more prudent to call the wife. Either the wire WAS there and was now mysteriously invisible to the male of the species, or it wasn’t there, and she’d have some reasonable explanation.

I once read a tongue in cheek definition of a wife as being someone who could look in a drawer and find the socks that weren’t there when you looked. I was hoping for the same thing to work on cables and glove boxes. Unfortunately though, it seems the cable had been removed from the car the previous evening to facilitate the viewing of some streamed drama on her iPad and my daughter’s speakers, and had yet to be returned. I was offered the alternative of whatever CDs were currently in the car, and carried on with my journey, not having enough time to double back and begin the search all over again in the TARDIS-like confines of my daughter’s bedroom. I might be stuck there for days!

So, onwards I drove, putting my fate in the hands of the CD player. I didn’t recognise the music, but the band’s sound was familiar, and I quickly realised it was Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol. My wife’s a big fan, and I’d tried to source her a copy from HMV for her birthday back in November. Sadly, it turned out it wasn’t to be released in Canada until mid January (Actually – next week, I believe). No matter – I ordered it from Amazon (UK) and it turned up only a couple of days late for her Geburtstag. What is the point, I ask?! Do these large corporations not realise that this is the 21st Century? It’s a bit like region-locked DVDs… totally pointless in this day and age.

So anyway, I’m now in “absorb the vibe” mode, as being more of a lyrics-oriented person I’m not so good with brand new songs, as, well… I don’t know the words! Track 9 came to a gradual end, and Track 10 started. I’ve since learned this is titled “In the End“. I loved it! The lyrics were clear and thought-provoking, and it will be much listened to in the coming weeks. I thought I’d share (from YouTube).

Snow Patrol – In The End

It’s the price I guess
For the lies I’ve told
That the truth it no longer thrills me

And why can’t we laugh?
When it’s all we have
Have we put these childish things away?
Have we lost the magic that we once had?

In the end
There’s nothing more to life than love is there?
In the end
It’s time for us to lose our weary minds

Will you dance with me?
Like we used to dance
And remember how to move together

You are the torch
And it all makes sense
I’ve waited here for you forever
I’ve waited here for you forever

We’re lost ’til we learn how to ask
So please won’t you please just ask

So anyway, I eventually got to Lonsdale Quay, had my meeting, and then went Bunburying with my new lens. A grand time was had by all! Here’s a few test shots I made as I got the hang of it. I had a lovely couple of hours. I hope you enjoy my mementos…

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8 responses

9 01 2012
misfits' miscellany

Love the photo of the benches, they look like they’ve had an argument and refuse to face each other.

9 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Thanks! The rain and slippy deck made the whole thing almost monochrome.

9 01 2012
misfits' miscellany

And set the tone for the argument. I’ve always enjoy anthropomorphised objects.

10 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

I know some people who could benefit from whatever the opposite of that is…

10 01 2012

Lots of nice shots–though you’re making me miss Vancouver, which is kind of cruel of you. 🙂 I think I like that one of the teak bench with the glimpse past it the best . . .

10 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

Why thank-you!
I was just playing about, and getting a feel for what my new shiny toy could do in the hands of a complete amateur!

29 04 2012
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1 05 2012
What goes around, comes around « Quieter Elephant

[…] favourites of “Lifening”, “This isn’t everything you are” and “In the end, there’s nothing more to life than love is there?” from the current album Fallen Empires were definitely among the most well rendered of the […]

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