Bite-sized Wisdom and Dancers Among Us

7 01 2012

So I came across a nice little posting with a lovely and unusual photo and a quote from Stella Adler, over on Thoughts On Theatre called Bite-sized Wisdom: Adler.

I’d never heard of Stella Adler, so checked her out on Wikipedia. She was an American actress and acting teacher. One with incisive observations, it seems.

The photo accompanying the quote interested me, so I tracked it down to it’s source, one of a series: Dancers Among Us” – Jordan Matter.

There were several similar photos there which are quite stunning in their composition, IMHO. A sample:

Jordan Matter: Dancers Among Us

Jordan Matter: Dancers Among Us

Go on… why are you still here?!



Since making the original posting, I found out two things…

(i) Jordan Matter is a bloke

(ii) There’s an up-coming book in 2013 for the Dancers Among Us project, and it has has its own website if you’d like to learn more.




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