Duchess of Cambridge to be a Scout leader

5 01 2012

According to tomorrow’s UK dailies (I love time zones, it makes me feel like Dr. Who), Kate Middleton is to become a part-time cub and beaver leader in the UK. Hm… I hope they do a proper Police Record Check on her every three years like the rest of us volunteering with other people’s youth.

Daily Torygraph’s version




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6 01 2012
misfits' miscellany

Nice for her. I think, not sure, it was Orwell in DOWN AND OUT… who said something like “The real crime of poverty is it doesn’t allow one to be generous.”

6 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

There are things to be generous with beyond money. Scouting in the UK picked up no end once the position of Chief Scout there was given to Peter Duncan… and ex-kids TV personality. It’s all about awareness and marketing in the end…
In this case, she’s lending her name and making Beavers/Cubs cool for young mothers, who are the target market for those sections of Scouting.
Let’s not under-value the thousands of volunteers worldwide who give their time and effort every week to further the goals of Scouting. 105 years old this year!

6 01 2012

I bet it does not take months to get a CRB (police check) done like it does for us plebs…thats if they even bother to do one.

6 01 2012
Quieter Elephant

I suspect on the contrary that the Beavers/Cubs will now have to get them to see if they’re a threat to the monarchy! 🙂
Record checks are pretty quick here in BC. (Maybe they don’t keep many records, so it doesn’t take so long…)

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