You can’t beat a good neck…

4 01 2012

So there I was idly perusing the sites of those who’ve visited, when I came across a lovely photo on Redamancy Lit:




I know, I know… I’m an old softy. So anyway, this takes me onwards to “see the thorn twist in your side” on Tumblr, which turns out to be a young Yorkshire lass. (Kizmet, Hardy, kizmet). There I find this shot, which is VERY reminiscent of the kinds of houses in the village where I grew up:

See the thorn twist in your side

See the thorn twist in your side

It could be pretty much anywhere of course, so I tried to track down its original posting (and ultimately failed, I might add). That lead me to “lost my heart in the stars” which, frankly, sounds a little careless. There I found all kinds of film based photos, including THIS little 35mm gem:

Thornton Force

Thornton Force

You see this little waterfall is near Ingleton in the Dales, where I used to do a lot of hiking as a kid. There are more photos in the set on Flickr if you’d like to see more of this lovely unspoiled (for now) part of England.




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