Still waiting for the iPhone 5?

2 01 2012

I bought Mrs. Elephant an iPad a few months ago. She loves it. Sure it’s got WiFi, smooth lines, a limited edition red cover and her name laser etched on the back, but so what? I could be all that too, if I really wanted to. I just don’t like red leather. And I’ve seen James Bond in Goldfinger. I don’t fancy anything being lasered anywhere near me, thank-you very much! So now she’s a big fan of all things with a half eaten apple on them. Yesterday she declared a desire for an iPhone, quote “if only it made coffee as well”.

Ah, well, that reminded me of a great product I learned about on a Pragmatic Marketing course a couple of years ago (which I fully recommend if you’re a Product Manager, BTW). What you need is the Pomegranate Phone. This thing is awesome! For a start it’s made in Canada, so it’s bound to be, well… polite.

Pomegranate phone

Pomegranate phone

But this thing brings phone, email, full internet browser, camera, video, MP3 player, GPS navigation… just for starters.

Add to that a video projector, a global voice translator (think “babelfish“), shaver, harmonica… and – you guessed it – a coffee brewer. Sure, it’s filter rather than espresso, but there is a selection of coffees to choose from.

Pomegranate Coffee Brewer

Pomegranate Coffee Brewer

Impressed? You should be! And if you’d like to visit Nova Scotia this summer, all the better!  🙂



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3 01 2012
misfits' miscellany

“Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?”
“No, Mr Bond, you’re out of minutes.”

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