Beyond Awesome!

30 12 2011

After a couple of months of waiting, I finally got to see Mother Mother play live today at the Commodore in Vancouver. A smaller venue than I’d imagined, but a great atmosphere.
Excellent setlist including all their well known tracks and one off the up-coming new album.
A few photos from my middle offspring who also attended…

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If you were wondering about the list on lead singer Ryan Guldemond’s T-shirt, they’re the locations of Vancouver’s J.J. Bean coffee-shops. Good places to get free WiFi if you’re close to the end of your monthly limit.

The encore finished with the great “Arms Tonite

I felt a lot younger leaving than I did entering… you knew I would!



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23 01 2012
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22 04 2012
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20 12 2012

That’s funny, since JJBean doesn’t have WiFi.

20 12 2012
Quieter Elephant

Thanks for the correction Carlene! Plainly I need to verify the things I’m told by my hipster friends!! More here:
Can I assume you went to the Sticks concert last night?

26 12 2012
Quieter Elephant

Ah – puzzle solved! THIS particular JJB (likely the one on Main) is close enough so you can pick up Starbucks’ signal.

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