Canadians abroad ask consulates for Oprah tickets

29 12 2011

Oh dear, oh lor’!

I’ve often been slightly nervous as to the proximity of White Rock, BC to our large southern neighbour. This was primarily around the theme of school bully, and their predilection for putting nasal equipment where it isn’t necessarily welcome… often with lots of tanks. However, it seems that their cultural influences have seeped into Canadians travelling abroad also…

I was shocked at some of the stories recounted in the CBC story today about calls to the Canadian Consulates abroad.

According to the CBC: “Canadian consular officials can replace a lost passport, contact your relatives when you need help while abroad, and provide advice on medical services. They cannot, however, pick up your dog at the airport.” Really?! Then what ARE my taxes being used for?

My personal favourite though: “… while embassy officials can provide you with [a] list of lawyers and information on local laws, they cannot arrange a helicopter to rescue your son from a German prison yard after he was arrested on drug charges…” Well I’m sure Tom Cruise could have done it… if he was Canadian. (And taller. Just sayin’…)

Full article: Canadians abroad ask consulates for Oprah tickets, chopper rescue

Comforting to know the world is as mad today as when I left it last night to sleep, perchance to dream.




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