Bryce Canyon – Bryce National Park, UT

29 12 2011

I like learning new stuff. It reminds me I’m not dead yet. I loved the hues in this photo from Tom over at PhotoBotos, but being a bit of a photography neophyte, it never occurred to me that the image could never actually have been captured in a single exposure. Tom’s write up referred to HDR, and a quick trip to my favourite comfy chair over at Wikipedia filled in the rest. Yippee! New toys to play with when I go on a photo walk.

Bryce Canyon – Bryce National Park, UT

Yeah, this picture looks pretty calm and relaxing, but it was anything quite the event to photograph.  First off it was about 4 degrees outside and the wind was whipping around 45 mph.  The gusts were blowing so hard drifts of snow were piling up at my feet.  I needed three shots (2,0,-2) for this HDR image and the tripod was shaking  on each gust.  It took me about 10 tries and a ton of weight on the tripod, but I finally got one that works.  This is what it is all about.  Thanks for stopping by.

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