The Maya Guesthouse Project

27 12 2011

So there I was, bumbling and Bunburying around in the virtual world on my desk, when I came across this image.

THermograph of straw bale building

Thermographic comparison between a straw bale house and a traditional building | The Maya Guesthouse Project.

It was the next stop after a site I’d checked out that was populated by images taken on a pin-hole camera. I love those things. So simple. I almost bought one in Granville Island, Vancouver the other week… made out of a coffee tin. Back at school, we made them out of shoe boxes. They can make remarkably sharp images if you have the patience… and a sheet of photographic paper. At the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK, there’s a real walk-in Camera Obscura, which projects the city skyline (upside down of course, if you remember your physics lessons) on a wall. The pinhole blog site would have been linked and part of this blog, but the owner’s About page was all arsey about copyright infringement and not re-publishing, so I left him and his camera images obscure.

The thermographic image is to illustrate the amazing insulation properties of the humble hay bale when used in construction.

According to the site: “The Maya Guesthouse will be the first hotel built with straw bales. The design is from the Swiss architect Werner Schmidt. Situated at 1300 meters in the Swiss Alps it will exceed passive house standards and will need no heating. Construction works have begun this year and will resume in summer 2012.”

Presumably all the rooms will be non-smoking…




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