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26 12 2011

I was fortunate to receive some very thoughtful gifts from my family this year. One was a T-shirt from my daughter. Though I’m sure it was bought to be merely trendy, the word play was particularly apt, I thought!

Weathered & Worn

Weathered & Worn

She’s bought me a few pairs of high tops in the past. My favourites are still the tartan ones I bought myself though. Just that bit more off-key than the others. I’m odd like that!

Converse All Star Hi Grunge Tan Shoe

Converse All Star Hi Grunge Tan Shoe

Anyway, I was reminded of an art installation recently on show at a Vancouver SkyTrain station by artist Krista Jahnke. In the installation, she photographs 100 different Converse shoe designs. Her web site allows you to see them all in a slide show, as well as photos of the installation at various places including the SkyTrain station. Now THAT is what I call art…

Same Soup Different Flavour

Krista Jahnke: Same Soup Different Flavour

For a more in depth look, check out her gallery for Same Soup Different Flavour




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23 09 2012
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[…] International Flamenco Festival, and co-sponsored by The Georgia Straight. I delighted in wearing my favourite Converse and skinny jeans amongst the collars and ties and fancy frocks.  As I waited in the “will […]

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