Christmas Tradition

22 12 2011

OK, so let’s say you want to do something a bit “unique” for Christmas. The Douglas Fir’s just not cutting it for you any more.

OK – well how about making one out of Lego? Actually – it’s been done. Really. St. Pancras Station, London. 33′ tall. Unless you’ve got seriously high ceilings, you can’t compete. Move along…

CBBC Newsround – The giant Christmas tree made entirely out of Lego.

OK, but it was a good idea – well how about a Father Christmas out of Lego then? Still a bit sedate? How about a Dalek Father Christmas out of Lego? Now THAT’s unique. We could put a white beard on it, and a floppy red hat too.

What do you mean it’s been done?!

BBC News – Lego Dalek Santa is ‘Christmas tradition’ for Huntingdon family.

It takes 100,000 bricks and two months to build, is 7′ tall… and they claim it’s not an obsession?! I think Calvin Klein might disagree…




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