11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks

22 12 2011

The world is full of interesting stuff. Of course it’s not all interesting to all people. That would, in fact, be quite boring!

I stifle a yawn every time I hear the words “political science” for example. Apart from it being fundamentally an oxymoron, it just sounds “meh“. Of course, I’m quite sure there are others out there (though probably not reading this blog) who would moisten at the very utterance. I’m more your geek archetype really. Someone who understands this very well sent me a link to a blog posting of real things you can buy the geek in your life. Things like a block of metallic gallium that melts with the warmth of your hand (but won’t make you as mad as a hatter, like mercury), solid smoke, or, more aesthetically, this “almost” Klein bottle. A true Klein bottle, like a Möbius strip has only one surface.

Aw come on… you can’t say that’s not cool!

CrazyAsABagOfHammers: Klein Bottle

Crazy As A Bag Of Hammers: Klein Bottle





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