I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like…

21 12 2011

So this post’s title is a quote attributed to Gelett Burgess, which is all well and good, but I’ve never heard of him! One more excuse to visit Wikipedia…

There we discover that Mr Burgess is long dead, died old and was American. More interestingly, he was a humourist and a writer of nonsense verse. He also invented the blurb. Ah – good. New nuggets of information ready for the next Trivial Pursuit death-match. Where were we, good reader? Oh yes… art, it’s mysteries and a bit of what I fancy.

So – as previously mentioned several times, I remain faintly surprised and definitely honoured by the gentle folk who not only consider my humble scratchings (or, given I type – “peckings”) worthy of their time, but bother to “like”, comment or otherwise leave breadcrumbs to give evidence of their visit. One such visitor is a confident young artist, thoughtful writer and self-examiner. Going by the name of Laura Davies, she’s from Welsh Wales. Like I’m now from British Columbia. I urge you to check out her art – some of it risqué, her words and her thoughts. You’ll find much to ponder…

In search of a muse that must…. « The Art and Illustrations of Laura Davies.




4 responses

22 12 2011
Laura Davies

Thank you very much for the nice words, I am truly touched, and am glad you like my art.

22 12 2011
Quieter Elephant

Not at all. Credit where it’s due. Now if only I could get my bank manager to agree…

23 12 2011
misfits' miscellany

Good recommendation. Ta!

23 12 2011
Quieter Elephant

C’est rien.

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