Tim Tam Slams

20 12 2011

A few years ago I was introduced to Tim Tams on a business trip to Australia. Of more interest is why I was NOT introduced to them on the previous trips, but maybe that’s just something I’ll never know. So anyway, I was struck by how similar (like 99%) they were to a favourite biscuit from my days in the UK – The Penguin by Mcvitie’s. Christmas is now upon us and one of my friends was kind enough to give me some Tim Tams as a gift. He also described in detail how to perform the “Tim Tam Slam”, unaware that this too was part of my introduction a few years back.

I have yet to test whether it also works with Penguins, and would welcome anyone’s experience in that regard. Basically, you nibble off two opposite corners of the biscuit. this leaves most of the biscuit sealed airtight in its chocolate cover. You then dunk one nibbled corner in a hot beverage – say tea or coffee, and suck hard on the other opposite corner. The hot liquid moves through the biscuit like a straw and melts the chocolate centre. But this is no trivial undertaking. The two biscuit layers obviously soak up the drink and quickly become soft. If you don’t time it right, the whole thing dissolves into a mushy puddle and can splash hot drink into your lap.

I don’t recommend you try it in front of your elderly aunt. unless she’s Australian.

In researching all this, I discovered that Mr Arnott basically stole the idea from McVitie’s when he made a visit to the UK in 1958. Also that Tim Tam was the name of the winning horse in that year’s Kentucky Derby. Shameless… good biscuits though!

Wikipedia: Tim Tams

Wikipedia: Tim Tams

McVitie's Penguins

McVitie's Penguins



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