Why doesn’t Barbie have nipples?

14 12 2011

I love the internet. I love my kids too. Yesterday my younger daughter (16 and almost as skewed as her dad) suddenly posed me the question: “Why doesn’t Barbie have nipples?”  Of course now there’s the obvious, boring response that the intended demographic of the typical recipient of a Barbie would gain no additional play experience from the additional anatomical detail… and the 0.0003c it would cost to add it. Hey! Don’t laugh, according to Barbie: By the Numbers about 946,080,000 Barbie’s are sold each year. That’s a lot of plastic you save by not having nipples! But I digress…

The real reason for this post is that the question posed opens up the mind to all kinds of “alternative solutions”. As I’ll no doubt extensively write at some point – I love Edward de Bono, who coined the phrase “think outside the box”. The love of the internet comes from the fact you can type any obscure or stupid question you like… and there’s almost certainly a web page specifically written to answer it. In this case, the question “Why doesn’t Barbie have nipples” returned with a hit from Yahoo Answers. My favourite answer was “When she got implants the doctor misplaced them and she never noticed”.

Barbie aerobics instructor - 1984

Barbie aerobics instructor - 1984




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