25 03 2012

Quieter Elephant:

Now THIS is funny. A great find by Martin Moore.
Delivery is awesome.
But is it art?! :)

Originally posted on martinmoorephotography:

Eastern European photographer Clayton Soros and Dell have teamed up and put together a new video called the “Visual Innovators” series.  You’ve seen these before, the type of  video that companies put out whose purpose is vague but intended to let everyone know that its executives are in tune with the changing times and who know how to use an DSLR, or whatever.  That is, until the end of the video which I won’t spoil for you.

Not that I believed for a second this video was real, I still did some digging and found that Dell has confirmed that the ad is a hoax, saying in a statement:

‘Regarding the parody some are still asking us about: This video is not affiliated with Dell, but it’s great to see creative professionals get inspiration from using our products. Our Dell.com/takeyourownpath program is all about celebrating people who take…

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OK Go do it again!

12 03 2012

OK Go must have a brilliant time thinking out their videos – Genius!

Here’s Needing/Getting:

And “the making of” is almost as good!

Urban Snowboarding looks like a great way to get some new scars (Video) « theCHIVE

23 02 2012

At least one of the Hydro boxes looks like it’s a BC one (green). Not sure some of it’s not Quebec though…

Yosemite HD – Vimeo

20 02 2012

Ever wake up and wonder what it’s all about? Why we bother? What the point of it all is?

Watch these amazing pieces of time-lapse from Yosemite and perhaps you’ll find an answer…

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


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