25 03 2012

Now THIS is funny. A great find by Martin Moore.
Delivery is awesome.
But is it art?! :)

OK Go do it again!

12 03 2012

OK Go must have a brilliant time thinking out their videos – Genius!

Here’s Needing/Getting:

And “the making of” is almost as good!

Urban Snowboarding looks like a great way to get some new scars (Video) « theCHIVE

23 02 2012

At least one of the Hydro boxes looks like it’s a BC one (green). Not sure some of it’s not Quebec though…

Yosemite HD – Vimeo

20 02 2012

Ever wake up and wonder what it’s all about? Why we bother? What the point of it all is?

Watch these amazing pieces of time-lapse from Yosemite and perhaps you’ll find an answer…

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


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